Welcome to FEA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE; where we combine spirituality, academics and service to prepare our students to live a faith-filled life and EXPlore DIVERSE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES UNDER A RICH CURRICULUM in A CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT. 

I’m very proud to be able to share our learning centre with you. We have a vibrant and creative pre-school and primary school; and our college is the leader in Pre-School Teacher Training Colleges in the country.

Our mission statement captures our approach to learning: “QUALITY EDUCATION and SUSTAINABILITY”. We hold high expectations for student achievement and work to ensure our students are knowledgeable and skillful. We also want children to be excited and interested in their learning and for our curriculum to engage their daily lives.

Our goal as a training centre is not only to challenge our students; but ourselves as well. Therefore, our teachers continuously work towards being prepared to equip the students within our small learning community with the tools necessary to succeed.  Moreover, students who enroll with us must be prepared to participate in a rich learning environment that will afford each student the opportunity to earn the tools needed to help them prepare for their next transition of either primary school, high school, college or join the ever dynamic working environment as preschool teachers. We are also introducing interactive learning using the ICT tools that we are slowly incorporating into our learning. This will assist parents to participate in their children’s learning. We are expecting that, as a result, each student will engage in exciting and blended learning that will enable him or her to think critically and employ higher order thinking skills in all grade levels.

As the administration of the Training Centre, we are eager to create a working partnership with our staff, parents and all our partners. Our goal is to help each student embrace the tools necessary towards transitioning into their next stage while simultaneously preparing for the changes that have come with the 21st Century.

We thank you for continuing to trust us to educate your children to become productive citizens and also educate them in a Christian environment, using Christian values and standards.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website to learn more about the school, our students, the staff and opportunities for parents and prospective partners. 

Best regards,

Mrs. D. Mngomezulu

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