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Your Preschool of Choice in Manzini

Helemisi Free Evangelical Assemblies Preschool is an English medium preschool  located just outside Manzini Town Centre at Helemisi Township along the bypass road.  The preschool is in a nice building with well-equipped classrooms and a spacey playground.

We have qualified and experienced staff members who are caring and loving towards the children.   The preschool is run as a demonstration preschool in co-operation with FEA Preschool Teacher Training College which also is found on campus.


  1. To offer the children a safe environment for development and individual attention and care.
  2. To provide a rich learning environment and education aimed at many sided development of children: emotional, social, intellectual, physical, creative, moral and spiritual development.
  3. To promote a Christian atmosphere and living among staff and children.

Children love to learn from their parents too.

We encourage parental involvement as much as possible. We have a variety of activities that can be used at home which the children also use at school so that the parent is as involved as possible in their child’s education. Parents can reap lifetime fruits by engaging in the activities shared on the resources page.

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 WE use an integrated thematic approach 

What we do.


We have themes that run throughout the year whereby we use a different theme for each month. From February to December , respectively, we will cover Love, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Kindness, Faithfulness, Obedience, Respect, Patience, Thanksgiving, Giving and Sharing. 


Thematic instruction assumes children learn best when they can associate new knowledge holistically with across the entire curriculum and with their own lives, experiences, and communities. The curriculum will give the children a rich background of knowledge and skills and make them well prepared for school life.


Thematic learning is  ideally guided by essential questions. The sources are not limited to textbooks. In a classroom, primary source texts and images encourage the development of critical reading skills.  Various teaching and learning methods can be used. Projects, cooperative learning, active participation, experiential learning are often highlighted.


Thinking and problem solving skills, observation, critical reasoning, analysis and drawing conclusions are key skills in thematic learning.