Your child is safe with us.

Helemisi FEA Pre-School believes that every child deserves a high quality of care and education; we are dedicated to the care and development of your child. We are registered with ACSI, an association of Christian schools and a registered preschool in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Our primary objectives include:

  1. Offering the children with a safe environment for development and individual attention and care.
  2. Providing a rich learning environment and education aimed at many sided development of children: emotional, social, intellectual, physical, creative, moral and spiritual development.
  3. Promoting a Christian atmosphere and living among staff and children

It is our intention to make our Pre-School accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community regardless of ethnicity, gender, special education needs, disabilities, background, religion or competence in spoken English, while encouraging and grooming language development as an English medium preschool.

We are looking forward to having a discussion with you on how you can join us, or if you are already a parent, how we can make your stay with us as pleasant as can be.


mrs. l. dluldu – Teacher leader

Our Teachers


T. Dlamini

She is the Preschool teacher for 
the Infants Class.


L. Nhleko

She is the Preschool teacher for 
the Middlers A Class.


T. Magagula

She is the Class teacher for 
Middlers B Class.


K. Dlamini

She is the  Class teacher for the
Middlers C Class.


L. Magongo

She is the Preschool teacher for 
the Grade 0  (1) Class.


H. Dlamini

She is the Class teacher for 
Grade 0 (2) Class.


E. Mbuli

She is the  Class teacher for the
Grade 0 (3) Class.

We’ll handle your child with care!

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