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Application Information

To apply for admission to FEA-PTTC, write to the Registrar and request an application package.
This package contains all the necessary application and recommendation forms. The applicant is responsible to see that all the required parts of the application package are sent to the College.
Full admission is contingent upon all required documents and transcripts being received by the College. A non-refundable application fee must accompany the application to FEA Preschool Teacher Training College.

Application Requirements

•O-level exam with 6 passes of which three should be credits and at least a pass in English language. •Application forms are available in the office from the beginning of the third term. •Interviews are conducted in November and the process of admission is completed by the end of November.

Transfer Learners

Learners transferring from another college must follow the application procedure for new learners as well as submit to the Registrar official transcripts of all previous post-secondary work. When requested by the applicant, previous credit will be evaluated by the Academic Committee and advanced standing will be awarded in accordance with the policies of the College.

Academic Honesty

As a college committed to Christian thought and behavior, the Institute fosters honesty and integrity, and is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, for students and faculty alike. We expect students and faculty to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the standards of academic honesty. When these standards are violated or compromised, individuals and the entire College community suffer.


Admission is not denied on the basis of ethnic origin, sex, or nationality. No qualified person, able to meet the financial requirements of the College, will be denied admission to provided he or she has a genuine desire for education and agrees to observe the behavioural expectations of the college.

Course Fees

The students will have to pay an application fee of E100.00 (non - refundable) and a tuition fee of E2000.00 per term paid in advance at the beginning of each term. Supplementary exam fee for each subject will be E200.00. The students will have to buy their own books, study equipment and food.

Physically Challenged Applicants

Physically challenged applicants will be assisted in all possible ways at the College. Any applicant who meets the admission requirements will be given an opportunity to study. As with all learners, the physically challenged learners will be assigned an Academic Advisor. Together, the learner and advisor will explore the special needs of the learner. These n

prospective students

Application Procedure



Admission to FEA Preschool Teacher Training College is based on several factors:

  1. Personal information,
  2. Learner Commitment form,
  3. The High School record,
  4. Recommendation supplied by character references; i.e., the pastor, church board, employer or high school principal,
  5. Personal health record and doctor’s report,
  6. Ability to pay college fees,
  7. Academic certificates,
  8. Two passport photos,
  9. Application fee. No action will be taken unless application fee is paid.
Admission Procedure

The learner’s fitness for college work will be judged on the overall picture provided by the above information. When all application materials have been received, including certified copies of transcripts and/or a high school certificate, the candidate will be notified of acceptance status in writing. Full acceptance will be granted to eligible learners. Occasionally conditional acceptance will be granted to learners whose admission files are incomplete; however, such learners must complete their files during their first semester, or they will not be allowed to continue and they may not receive credit for their work.
A candidate will also be notified when not accepted for admission, but will be permitted to apply again when acceptable standards are met.

Orientation and Registration

All new residency learners are expected to attend orientation sessions that are held during registration week of the first semester. Orientation is designed to acquaint new learners with the programmes, procedures, academic, and Learner life policies of the College.


Registration is the process whereby learners are officially enrolled for each semester of the academic year. It must be completed in person during the time stipulated in the Calendar of Events of the College. New learners may be required to enroll a day earlier than returning learners.   The registration process includes:

  •   Having fees assessed and making payment to the accountant.
  •   Completing a registration form in consultation with the Registrar.

Registration is not complete until fee payment or fee payment arrangements are made with the Administration.


Should a learner withdraw for any reason from a course, tuition refunds will be made on the following basis:

  • Before the first week of lectures:             100%
  • Within the first week of lectures:             50%
  • After the first week of lectures:                   0%

FEA Preschool Teachers Training College students are all classified as part time students.

Tuition Payment Plans

Full tuition is payable upon enrollment unless other arrangements are approved by the administration in advance. No student will be considered officially enrolled until satisfactory arrangements have been made. The College recognizes that in some instances a definite need for installment payments of tuition exists and therefore, allows students to pay the tuition in installments, after making a required down payment. When time payments are desired, students are asked to discuss payment arrangements with the administration.
In order to qualify for an installment payment agreement and begin the diploma program, the student must make the required minimum down payment and agree to make monthly tuition payments. Tuition payments must be received each calendar month until tuition is paid in full.
Neither a certificate nor a transcript will be issued until the student’s obligation has been paid in full. All students must conform to their payment agreements.

Additional Information


The principal and education coordinator designs the timetable. The timetable is standard and will not be changed or amended except by the Academic Committee’s request to accommodate special needs of a students.


Each lecturer keeps formal class registers. The lecturer is obliged to record every absence no matter the reason for it. A Student is allowed a maximum of 3 absences per module in a semester. The Student must submit a written note to the lecturer giving the reason for any absence. (Any class meeting 1 hour per week is allowed only one absence. An absence in a block class which meets for 3 hours at one time counts as 3 absences). Every one-hour absence, beyond the permitted number causes a drop of 3% of the final semester mark. Make-up work is at the discretion of the lecturer.

One minute late equals a tardy. Three tardies (coming late to lectures) equal 1 absence. Compassionate absence (situations beyond a Student’s control, such as death in the immediate family, hospitalization, doctor’s appointments, etc.) must be requested by completing a “Notification of Absence”. Each lecturer affected and then submitted to the Registrar must sign the form. The lecturers will decide on the validity of reason and will arrange make-up work.

  • 80% attendance is necessary in a module to qualify to write the final examination. More than 7 absences will therefore result in failure for the module.

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