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Early childhood education


Free Evangelical Assemblies (FEA) Pre-school Teacher Training College is located at the FEA Training and Development Centre, Helemisi, Lot 2051, along the Manzini Bypass road.
It enjoys a beautiful bird’s eye view of the town yet it is shielded from the noises of the town Centre to provide a conducive learning environment. Frequent public transport is available regardless of the Centre location being a walking distance from the town Centre. FEA Preschool Teacher Training College is one of the branches of the Training and Development Centre.

Our Mission

  • To provide excellent education in a wide spectrum of academic disciplines.
  • To be a preschool teachers training college that promotes academic excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Vision

  • To provide quality Early Childhood Education that meets the needs of the Swati nation.
  • To be a leading educational institution that promotes academic excellence in teaching and learning.
we are strongly driven by our core values

Core Values

FEA-Preschool Teacher Training College has two main aims:

  • To give a complete high quality Preschool Teacher certificate based on Christian foundation.
  • To promote the idea of caring and educating preschool children among churches and local communities.




the programme

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Eager to be part of children’s growth and development?
Do you believe that investing in future generations is important?
Do you believe that real  education starts before primary school?
Are you a preschool teacher without a qualification?

in-service training

Part-time Education

The training is comparable to a one-year full time training offering about 1060 periods in class. It is organised as in-service (part-time study) during two years

Field work

Teaching Practice

Students have 4 fieldwork periods during the study, two in the first year and two in the second year including observation practice in our own demonstration preschool for one week.

hands on

Practical Study

In addition to the periods in class, the study consists of practical assignments to be carried out in the pre-schools, fieldwork, written assignments, practical assignments and self-study.


The Award

Students upon successful completion of the programme are awarded with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.  Queen Maud’s University College is responsible for accreditation of the Diploma.

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